“Hello world” sounds like the understatement of the year. After spending time in quarantine and lockdowns reminiscing about past travels, I bet some of you are already planning your next adventures. Obviously, it’s still best to stay at home, but it doesn’t hurt to jot down the places you want to go post-pandemic. A post-pandemic trip with friends, relatives or loved ones whom I haven’t seen in so long sounds great. All those months in quarantine taught me to appreciate spending time with myself and the people around me. And after everything that’s happened, I have to say, I deserve a getaway trip.

This is my chance to escape the stressful life had bestowed me.
Aside from wanting to get out of my household right after the pandemic, I also really want to get out of the city and enjoy the beauty of nature. I don’t know if it’s just Taylor Swift’s “Folklore” getting to me, but I have never wanted to go on a trip right now until realization hits me. There are several nature sights right outside of Pampanga and the internet is filled with budget-friendly ideas as well. Moreover, travel blogs say that taking a nature trip is beneficial to those who are weary of seeing the same thing over and over again.

Though as a woman born and raised in Pampanga city, nature trips are never been out of my comfort zone and definitely on top of my post-pandemic travel bucket list. The heavy climbing or heading too far away from civilization (the no bathrooms and no Wi-Fi type of thing) best serves the purpose of getting closer to nature. Why not feel the cozy feeling by visiting a little slice of heaven in Cordilleras: Mt. Ulap or find a camping area for comfortable star-seeking night like Camiguin Nightscapes that gives you an outstanding view of the stars.
Another option would be booking a beach hut or pitching a tent on a pretty undiscovered beach like Laki beach in Bataan. Nothing says peace and quiet like heading to a beach free of busy establishments (plus, this place is so low-key that they say nobody would catch you snapping a racy photoshoot by the waves).

In terms of what to bring, I wouldn’t need heavy gear so just a bag that has enough compartments for essentials like the Awen backpack from The Hippie Collection plus, I could pack my laptop or tablet in its built-in padded sleeve so I could watch Netflix in the mountains. Also its backpanel is ergonomically designed to provide scapular and lumbar support. It also has adjustable sternum straps to help disperse the weight of your shoulders when packed of heavy load things.


This may sound cliche but we need to loosen the chains that preventing us to be free again. A lot has changed over the past six months. The thought of not knowing what to do if I got lost on a solitary voyage used to scare me, but I think I’m finally ready to face that fear and to make my own decisions on the spot. And The Hippie Collection could set me up with the proper backpack for the much-awaited adventure. Check out the variants of color availability in https://www.thehippiecollectionph.com/products/awen-backpack which is available in the Philippines and offer COD payment so you feel secure to order.

Journeying opens new doors for learning and growth. From booking your own transportation and accommodation to taking things at your own time, explorations could help you welcome the post-pandemic change with open arms. And isn’t that what we’re all looking for?